In a Box EP

by As the Sparrow

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released May 15, 2014

All Songs Composed, Arranged, and Performed by As the Sparrow

As the Sparrow are:
Mark Damon | Crystal Araiza | Leo Fonseca | Theresa Cleary |
Nathaniel Diamond-Jones | Dylan Sullivan | Steve Aliperta
Produced and Mixed by Steve Aliperta
Engineered by Steve Aliperta and Chris LaRocque
Recorded at Kennedy Studios in Billerica, MA
Mastered by Will Holland at Chill House

Additional Musicians:
Kenneth Mckeen (Upright Bass) | Rocco D’Angela (Electric Guitar)
Michael Coelho (Cello, Viola, Violin) | Chris LaRocque (Vocals on Track 1)

Artwork and Design by Crystal Araiza


all rights reserved



As the Sparrow Boston, Massachusetts

As the Sparrow is an indie-rock band based out of Boston, MA. The members of the band are; Mark Damon, Crystal Araiza, Leo Fonseca, Theresa Cleary, Nathaniel Diamond-Jones, Dylan Sullivan, Curtis Hartshorn, and Adam Amoroso.

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Track Name: Creeper
Love fell around your face like snow on a winter day
Now I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’m thinking that I’m here to stay
Now write me if the seasons change and if your family moves away
Well I will buy you flowers and expensive things life-long commitments and diamond rings

When the air gets cold
I’ll buy your coat you’ve got no place to go
Creep through my window
Oh honey, won’t you please, please come home

I’ve burned our clothes and I’ve burned our bed out of sight and out of my head
Now I can see where you got your anger from yeah your father used to be a drunk
Now tell me does it make you sad to see your own sons grow up mad
Now I never really liked your kids they have your nose and they have your mother’s wit

When the air gets cold
I’ll buy your coat you’ve got no place to go
Creep through my window
Oh honey, won’t you please, please come home

I heard your secret prayer
This weight on me is too much to bear
I can fill your empty chair
Your heart is tired it’s not used to all this wear
So when the air gets cold
I’ll buy your coat you’ve got no place to go
Say I love you so
Just to have a place to call my home.
Track Name: Emily
Darling could you hold my hand? It’s taken me now til I understand
That it’s in me, it’s in my blood. I carried that weight, I carried it before the flood.
Slow Down don’t drink it too fast, if you guzzle water it will never last
And it will be gone in three days time, taken me back before I can unwind

They say to play this as close to my chest, well that’s getting hard as you undress
And it’s in me, it’s like a drug, steering me in directions I can only be dreaming of
Slow down don’t drink it too fast, you’re holding the wall and shaking your glass
I’ll be gone by the end of the night, by the end of the night, by the end of the...

Emily, why so serious? You cannot believe that it’s all because a case of stairs
Another bed I don’t belong in
Could you ever cure my longing?
For another one, for another another one

Darling would you hold my hand, it’s taking so long I’m a mess of a man and
The reflection of the flame your in, you are baring your skin and in that moment I felt more alone
Slow down don’t drink it too fast, holding the wall and molding your mask, I’ll
Be gone by the end of the night, by the end of the night, by the end of the...

Emily, you don’t believe in us, you’re setting yourself up for
Another case of stairs.
Another bed I don’t belong in
Could you ever sure my longing
For another one, another another cigarette
Another heart I don’t belong to have
Could you ever cure my mind in half
For anther one, for another another one

All the boys crack their knuckles
They want to dance with the belts and buckles
They keep time as we wine and dine
Our mouths, our moving parts
Track Name: White Flag
They raised up their flags and they laid down their hearts
Call all of your cavalry right into the dark
She returned all my letters and she changed her name
Well I can’t return here ‘til he’s home again

When the war has been won I’ll return to my wife
Go home to your family stay out of my life
And when you change your mind pray will you change this heart
Because these bones you have broken they break me apart

We’ll build a throne out of our bones for when this past comes tumbling down
It’s okay. Don’t feel afraid. If you feel your fists hit the ground.
Hoist up the flag and drag me under when all hope is lost you will be found

I, I can’t take it back
The wounds that you run so deep
The thoughts I had when you feel asleep oh I
Well I must be mad
As I watch my men go up in smoke
And you toss and turn in your bed alone

May, maybe this will pass
Out of guns and out of lead
Well I know you’re sick in the head
I gave, I gave you one last chance
Well the captain goes down with the ship
Well darling won’t you release your grip I’m leaving
Track Name: Moneylender
My face is boiling
My face is a boiling
My words are spoiling, roll on
My vision is beginning to blur
My speech is starting slur
I’ve finally found my cure, roll on

Roll on the moneylender, no need to mention that I can’t afford
All the pills all the drugs the venders roll on, say roll on, roll on

I’m hearing dogs howl in the back of that aisle like a screaming child
It always sounds so familiar
I’m slowly slipping in, maybe I can find myself a kin
Give him this position I’ve been forced in roll on

Hold in the waste, we long to be replaced
By the mother, she is crying
And her son is slowly shying away from the world
Turn his back, well that is the same thing as calling the kettle black
It’s on your tongue
Let it slide down your throat
And sweep it right under the rug
Track Name: In a Box
I’m a tree, I’m a tree
My branches are bones and my leaves
Are my hair, I am aware
That every night two lie underneath me
Their in love, I watch from above
And it doesn’t hurt when they carve their names into me
Because they lie, they keep me company

And he said, “Maybe she oh maybe she will accept this ring from me and she will always be by my side. In times of war I can be sure how could I ever ask for more than for you to always be my side.”

But the country took her man, gave him away to foreign land. Gave him back…
In a box

I’m a tree I’m a tree
And I stand tall in a one-man cemetery
I stretch my roots in his direction
It takes time It takes time
I need to feel this one connection
It takes time Its takes time

“I’m sorry for what I have done. I am sorry for the man I’ve become. I’m sorry I can only think of her name. I’m sorry for the world I have seen I’m sorry you have to share it with me, my memories of a could have been love story

But the box will be tucked away. And as my body’s starting to decay. Now just a box…
In a box

Maybe she, oh, maybe she will reserve a plot next to me
She’ll be always by my side
‘He would want you to move on’ oh tell me darling is that wrong?
That was never my desire
I would much rather you retire
And underneath the Earth we will expire

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